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Message from the Chairman

China Cowin Holdings Group Co., Ltd. mission is simple - to deliver products at very competitive prices and to provide first-class service in the process, to achieve prosperity and realize dreams through sound business activities

I take pride in the fact that we're straight shooters. There are no tricks in what we do; just good old-fashioned business principles.

Because of that, we've been ranked in the chemicals and energy business for the past ten years . But that's not all ! We also provide a complete product line to support our customers. From water treatment chemicals to oil fields chemicals and fuel oils , we're committed to helping you reduce your purchase cost and enhance your operating profits .

Our company has received many honors and awards over the years, but our greatest achievement is that you have chosen Cowin Group. We appreciate all of our customers and are committed to providing you the best value and service possible. And if you're not already a Cowin customer, I invite you to check us out. I sincerely believe you'll be glad you did.

We shall continue to develop with the aim of creating:
\A company that satisfies its customers
\A company that creates profits for its stock holders
\A company that provides a pleasant environment for its employees
\A company that is conscious of the environment

We look forward to your continued support in the future.

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Corporate Mission Statement

Cowin Group's Corporate Mission Statement, consisting of the Management Principles and the Activity Guidelines, is the fundamental and ultimate value standard of the Company. The Management Principles are the redefinition of Cowin's business philosophy, which has been cultivated over its many years of business history, from a contemporary and global perspective set out in a simple and clear structure. The Activity Guidelines stipulate the required behavior of the Company and its officers and employees and provide the means to realize the Management Principles.

Management Principles and Activity Guidelines

Corporations are required to set an example in society, such as through compliance with laws and regulations while maintaining the highest ethical standards, preservation and respect of human rights, preservation of the global environment, and contribution to communities. The Cowin Group has established a management system to achieve prosperity and the dreams of diverse stakeholders such as investors, customers, clients, local and global communities, and employees, through sound business operations.

Cowin Business Philosophy

The origin of the Management Principles lies in Cowin's business philosophy, which has been inherited and adhered to by Cowin Group since its foundation.

In essence, it tells us that "We should place prime importance on integrity and sound business activities, and should never be moved from joy to sorrow by daily market fluctuations. But, when faced with a paradigm shift, we must take the lead in striving for structural innovation. In this way we can and should create meaningful values not only for ourselves but for society as well."

It implies a universal value valid enough even now, but more than years have passed. There are some expressions too profound for the officers and employees of today, and other articles requiring some complementing for a company doing business on a global basis like us. So, Cowin Group has translated it into plain language and reorganized it in a clear structure in the Management Principles since its formulation.
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Cowin Companies

Each member of the Cowin Group is a company established and developed with respect to the businesses of the Cowin Family, many years of history. At present, the eight companies described below constitute the core of the Cowin Group.

Company Name
Qingdao Cowin Chemical & Energy Co., Ltd. calcium chloride, soda ash, cmc
Qingdao Qinan Chemical & Technology Co., Ltd. water -treatment, melamine,titanium dioxide
Weifang Zicheng Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. bromide series chemicals
Weifang TZ Calcium Chloride Co., Ltd. Calcium Chloride Dihydrate & Anhydrous
Zibo Mingxin Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd. water treatment chemicals
Zibo Daxin Chemicals & Energy Co., Ltd. furfural,furfuryl alcohol,pac,pam
Dongying Zeyu Petrochemical Industry Co., Ltd. Aromatic Solvenet 100# 200# 270# 330#
Huidong Industry Co., Ltd. Base oil, Lubricant oil, White mineral oil
PT Sumbe JY Asia Jakarta Indonesia Minerals & Energy
Cowin Industry Limited H.K. saucralose,food additives
India Representative Office marketing and support
USA Representative Office marketing and support
Europe Representative Office marketing and support
While each of these companies operate independently, each has inherited the "Cowin Business Spirit" handed down over the years from the House of Cowin .
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