About The Cowin Group

We take pride in citing that we are part of China Cowin Holdings Group Co., Ltd., which works with the mission to manufacture and deliver supreme quality chemicals and energy products at competitive rates. The group puts in sincere efforts for meeting the chemicals and energy needs in this rapidly changing world. We have got popularity in the market for our Tribromophenyl Cyanurate, Melamine Cyanurate, Decabromodiphenyl Oxide, Decabromodiphenyl Ethane, Brominated Polystyrene, and many other chemicals. 

At Cowin Group, we perform tasks with a belief that by making use of chemistry and energy in our daily lives, we can help provide some answers to questions like Can we continue to feed and house the increasing global population, and offer them a hopeful future? Can we sustain our natural resources and protect the climate?

Our group with the support of its various companies offers a huge range of chemicals, including oil field chemicals, water treatment chemicals, and pharmaceutical chemicals. By providing a variety of chemicals at reasonable rates, we help customers in reducing their purchase costs and enhance overall profits.

Over the past many years of existence, we have received many awards and honors but for us, our greatest achievement is the selection of our Cowin Group by our customers. We value our every customer and work hard to provide the best possible value and services.

Our group performs with the aim of creating:

  • A company that creates opportunities for its stockholders to gain profits
  • A company that attains complete satisfaction of customers
  • A company that offers an excellent work environment to employees
  • A company that cares about the environment

Cowin Group of Companies

Cowin Group, which currently is a renowned name in the market, was established and developed with respect by each member of the Cowin Family. At present, the group consists of eight companies that are its core members. The below table carries details of the Cowin Group of Companies:

Company Name


Weifang Zicheng Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Bromide Series Chemicals

Qingdao Cowin Chemical & Energy Co., Ltd.

Calcium Chloride, Soda Ash, CMC

Weifang TZ Calcium Chloride Co., Ltd.

Calcium Chloride Dehydrate & Anhydrous

Qingdao Qinan Chemical & Technology Co., Ltd.

Water -treatment, Melamine, Titanium Dioxide

Zibo Mingxin Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd.

Water Treatment Chemicals

Zibo Daxin Chemicals & Energy Co., Ltd.

Furfural, Furfuryl Alcohol, PAC, PAM

Huidong Industry Co., Ltd.

Base Oil, Lubricant Oil, White Mineral Oil

PT Sumbe JY Asia Jakarta Indonesia

Minerals & Energy

India Representative

Office marketing and support

Europe Representative

Office marketing and support

USA Representative

Office marketing and support

Dongying Zeyu Petrochemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Aromatic Solvents

Cowin Industry Limited H.K.

Sucralose, Food Additives

Corporate Social Responsibility

At every company of The Cowin Group including ours, we follow a set of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Action Guidelines for Supply Chains. All these guidelines are based on our Management Principles, which are followed to attain a sustainable and better society. Our CSR guidelines help us smoothly perform tasks with our suppliers and business partners. By strictly abiding by these guidelines, we create new values for society while fulfilling our social responsibilities ensuring respect for human rights, compliance with laws and regulations, and protection the environment. Our initiatives for fulfilling the CSR also position us among the leading exporters of Decabromodiphenyl Oxide, Decabromodiphenyl Ethane, Tribromophenyl Cyanurate, Melamine Cyanurate, Brominated Polystyrene, and many other chemicals.

Responsible for the planet and each other

As responsible corporate citizen, we believe that businesses must have a positive impact on the communities they serve. Hence, since our inception, we work hard to earn the trust and respect of our partners, customers, and friends by doing things in a responsible manner for the well-being of our planet and each other.

With our social contribution activities, we support the healthy development of young people and make cooperation with local communities. Our Cowin Group sincerely supports the principles of the UN Global Compact. By participating in the Global Compact, our group takes steps for improvement by assessing our business activities as per those 10 principles.

Lead a low-carbon society

Our group is committed to creating a low-carbon society by establishing businesses in the environmental sector and making efforts to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions, which is generated due to our business activities.

Effective reuse and recycling of resources

Being aware of the fact that there are limited natural resources and energy sources, we promote effective reuse and recycling of resources to develop a recycling-oriented society. We take strict actions and measures to preserve the ecosystems and natural environment. We also focus on the conservation of biodiversity by performing our business activities in a planned manner.

Protect the world and water

In all the companies of Cowin group, we take efforts to make minimum use of water and protect it for the world. We strive to use recycled water in various activities of the business.

A company-wide Work-Life Balance

The Cowin Group follows a company-wide Work-Life Balance (WLB) Promotion Project Team and we take strict measures. By paying high attention to diverse values and lifestyles in personal, we carry out various optional programs for staff. We remain completely flexible and supportive of employees to eliminate their problems or concerns.

Furthermore, we strive to become better corporate citizens by getting involved in a variety of other activities for society and the environment. We work hard to contribute to local communities of China and many other countries, where we do business. We offer a scholarship scheme to support college students in Asia.

Global Export Capabilities

As an eminent export-oriented company in the chemical industry, we have developed a strong global network because of which we efficiently distribute products to customers worldwide. Our linked logistics providers and freight forwarders sincerely perform transportation tasks and ensure smooth and timely delivery of consignments to our international clients. We carefully handle all the customs procedures, documentation work, and international shipping rules and regulations to provide a hassle-free export experience to our customers. Due to our excellent global export capabilities, we smoothly fulfill the requirements of clients in different regions across the globe.

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